“There is a war on workers being waged by anti-worker politicians and employers, but
Teamsters are fighting back. We’ve built a movement of school bus workers across
North America who are gaining the respect, dignity and working conditions that
they deserve,” Hoffa said
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Sister:  "...had to cross one lane of traffic on County Road 300, to get on the bus and said
she doesn't ever remember seeing a car coming toward them."

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Workers Unite for Respect, Safety and Better Working Conditions
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Fifty people were taken to four hospitals after Friday morning's collision between a school bus and a Ford Mustang, said Jody Duncan, spokeswoman for the local emergency management agency.

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 “What’s so bad is that I tried to talk with the board of education and I haven’t had any calls back.”

08. Issues Impacting Education Support Professionals (source:  Georgia Association of Educators)

"Bus drivers in Georgia have to maintain a license to transport our children, and
yet  there is little or no incentive to driving a school bus in Georgia.

Drivers must:  
1.  Control the children
2.  Deal with disciplinary problems
3.  Have constant vigilance about the safety and welfare of the children
AND, while doing all this, they must:
4.  Safely navigate through our often-dangerous streets.

The school bus driver is the first person students see when they start the school
day and the last  person they see before they go home. The importance of having a
qualified bus  driver on every school bus cannot be underestimated, and, for
that reason, the  state should do everything possible to retain these dedicated
public school employees."  

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While frantic and angry parents waited for word on their children, they tell us they weren't getting any answers from the Richmond County Board of Education. WJBF News Channel 6.

READ MORE:  http://video.wjbf.com/v/43684347/school-board-member-comments-on-richmond-county-school-bus-problems.htm#
CLIICK HERE:  http://southside-savannah.wtoc.com/news/news/84021-bus-problems-have-parents-concerned

Katherine Chambers says the door to her daughter's bus is broken and flies
open while the bus is moving
. She says this has been a problem since the start
of the school year.
Chambers showed WTOC video her daughter recorded on her cell phone with the
bus door open while the bus is moving.