By JANET CAPPIELLO Associated Press
Police identified the young victims from Monday's crash as Ryder Deitz and
Caroline Tuttle, both of Carrollton. 

Police say the boy and girl were pronounced dead at the scene after a Carroll
County school bus carrying students home from the Head Start preschool program
overturned and crashed into a tree.

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Drivers nabbed in Baltimore and Ohio. How wide-spread could the problem be?
Posted: Oct 27, 2012  By: David Kiley | AOL Autos  
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Excerpt from the story:

During a call to the bus garage the same Friday of the incident, a parent said she was told the garage would look into the claim and get back to her that evening or early Monday morning. Once the weekend passed with no response, she said she and another parent visited the garage and found nothing, not even preliminary paperwork, had been done."

"I thought was it outrageous. And the bus garage was very relaxed about it. They didn't even have a complaint form to fill out," she said.

"It was just incompetent. going in there," said the second parent, who also remains anonymous. "When you spoke with them, it was like they didn't care. It's like, 'I have 110 things to do and this is one little thing.' It just didn't give me any confidence."

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By Lauren Roth,  Orlando Sentinel - October  24, 2012 
The principal of a failed Orange County charter school took home a check for more than $500,000 as the school closed down in June and is still being paid thousands of dollars a month to wrap up the school's affairs.

The check for $519,453.36 in taxpayer money was cut to Kelly Young, principal of NorthStar High School, two days after the Orange County School Board accepted  the school's plan to close in lieu of being shut down for poor performance.

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Why Bank of Madison? Submitted by editor on Fri, 10/26/2012 - 15:37.
To the Editor:

     Why would our Board of Education (BOE) leaders entrust Bank of Madison with millions of funds when,
as of June 2012, the bank had the highest "troubled asset ratio" (TAR) of other area banks?

    According to Bank Tracker, TAR is a percentage or ratio which is a strong indicator of "...severe stress inside a bank because it shows the bank’s ability to withstand loan losses.”  Apparently, the higher the ratio, the higher the  risk of the bank's failure.  As of June 2012, Bank Tracker reported Bank of Madison as having a TAR of 37.80 percent as compared to SunTrust (16.90
percent), Regions (20.90 percent) and United (24.30 percent).  Bank Tracker reported the National Median TAR at 12.00 percent.
    Taxpayers may view the BOE's decision as a risk but it may have just been one of simple convenience, given a BOE member's connection to the bank. Unfortunately for taxpayers, the BOE's questionable decision to select the Bank of Madison and adherence to Georgia Code 20-2-63 must have been out of scope of the recent audit performed by the state Department of Audits.  

Thomas Ray

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By Bob Barnard, @bobbybbarnardIt seems there are two issues: first, the lack of school bus service Monday morning. And second, the lack of communication from school administrators to parents. No warning. No word about what was going on.
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