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A 16-year-old girl was raped in the back of a school bus on Monday, New Orleans police said. According to a
preliminary police report released on Thursday morning, the girl, a student, told police officers she was sexually assaulted by a male student on the bus about 1:21 p.m. in the
4300 block of Almonaster Avenue.

According to the report, the girl told police that she was on the bus with one other male student and that they were the only remaining passengers, but that a bus driver was present and driving the bus.

The girl told police that the male student approached her and sexually assaulted her, before exiting the bus when it arrived at his stop. The girl did not tell the bus driver about the assault, police said, and exited the bus when it came to her stop.

On Wednesday, the girl reported the rape to the guidance counselor at her school and police said that they know who the suspect is and are actively investigating the case. 

It was not immediately clear where the two students involved attended school but the address listed in the police report matches that of Crescent Leadership Academy. A call to the school for comment was not immediately returned.

Police said no arrests have been made yet and no further information is available.

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A girl, 15, claims she was assaulted and had her pants pulled down Monday by boys on her school bus.

Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewicz reported that the victim attends Central Valley High School and is scared to go to school, and until the bullying stops, her mother said she’d not sending her daughter back.

According to the victim’s mother, one boy on the bus grabbed her daughter and pulled her pants down while another boy recorded the assault on his cell phone.

The victim told Channel 11 that this was not the first time the boys assaulted her.

The girl’s mother told Marcinkiewicz that the school district previously promised that the boys would not be back on the bus. Now, she wants answers, and is concerned about what could happen next if action is not taken.

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NILES - A bus driver who was placed on suspension after an elementary school student was left sleeping on a parked school bus had numerous offenses on his driving record prior to being hired by the school district.

 According to a driver history record provided by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Gary M. Brian, 62, had 14 driving offenses between 1995 and 2010. The Niles School District hired him as a bus driver in 2009.

Offenses include multiple speeding convictions as well as improper signaling, failure to control, operating unsafe vehicle, passing in violation of a posted sign or pavement marking, and violation of a traffic control device or sign, according to state Motor Vehicles records.

Interim Superintendent Frank Danso said he was not aware of the convictions on Brian's driving record and was not the acting superintendent when Brian was hired.

Danso said a full background check is performed on all school district employees prior to their employment and pending approval by the board. He said he could not confirm whether the former superintendent or board members were aware of Brian's driving record when he was hired.

Former superintendent Rocco Adduci, now the principal of LaBrae High School, declined comment.

Former superintendent Mark Robinson said he recalled Brian being one of three drivers hired the year before he took the position of superintendent following Adduci.

"All bus drivers in Ohio have drug and alcohol checks before they are hired,'' Robinson said. ''I would think that the driving record would have been looked into at the employment time.''

Danso said if official documentation affirming Brian's driving offenses is presented to him or the board, district attorneys would have to review the information to determine what affect it may or may not have on his employment.

About two weeks ago, an elementary school child was found sleeping on a bus inside the bus garage after the other children had been taken home. The driver was unaware of the child and had already left the garage when workers inside the garage found the child, according to reports.

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The mother of a former Watterson Elementary School second-grader has sued  the school’s principal and the Jefferson County Board of Education, alleging the boy was sexually assaulted on his school bus.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Jefferson Circuit Court, claims  several disciplinary problems on the child’s bus  were  reported
during the 2010-11 school year by the driver to school officials, including principal Vickie Talbott, but no action was taken.

In May 2011, in addition to being bullied and harassed, the child was “sexually assaulted” by another student on the bus ride
home, according to the suit.

“The most egregious thing to me about the case is the fact this bus driver begged for help with problems on this bus,” said attorney Wendi Wagner, who, along with John P. Nelson II, represents the mother. “And it appears to me that nothing was ever done.”

Because of the  experience, the suit says, the child withdrew from Jefferson County schools and has incurred health care and
psychiatric expenses. Claims made in filing a suit present only one side of the case.

Ben Jackey, a spokesman for Jefferson County Public Schools, said he could not comment on pending litigation.

Last year, attorney Ted Gordon filed  lawsuits claiming JCPS  staff and teachers failed to stop bullying and sexual assault.
Those cases are pending.

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According to the Atlanta Police Department, a male student hid a BB gun in a bush outside of his middle school, then retrieved it before boarding the school bus to shoot a classmate.

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By Jackee Coe, The Republic |

Two Apache Junction High School students were disciplined after school
officials investigated allegations they had bullied a junior high student on a
school bus, officials said.

A Cactus Canyon Junior High student reported to the school's assistant
principal on the morning of March 6 that two high school students previously had
burned him while riding on a school bus to the Apache Junction Boys and Girls
Club, Apache Junction Unified School District spokesman Brian Killgore said. 

The principal investigated the incident and by the afternoon had identified
the two high school students who allegedly used lighters to heat up erasers and
then touch the 13-year-old student on the arms and neck, he said. They were
reported to the Apache Junction Police Department.

One student was disciplined on March 7 and the other was disciplined on March
8 because he didn't attend school the day before, Killgore said. He declined to
say what the discipline was, citing the federal Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act.

The victim told The Republic Wednesday that the incidents started in February
and continued for several weeks. He said he was scared to report it because the
high school students threatened to beat him up if he did. The Republic does not
name victims of crime.

The boy's mother, who The Republic is also not naming, said they could tell
something was happening because his behavior changed "drastically" as he began
lashing out at his parents and sister and disrespecting everyone. After several
days of trying to get him to tell them what was wrong, he finally told them
about the bullying on the school bus.

The boy had scars on his arm and the back of his neck from where he said the
high school students burned him with the erasers. He also had a bruise on his
left cheek from where he said he was punched multiple times by an 8th-grade
student who jumped him Monday at the bus stop in retaliation for reporting the
other students.

"As a mother, I'm heartbroken, I'm sad. I'm so angry that something like this
could happen to my child," she said. "And if it happened to him, how many other
children in that school or that school district is it happening to also that
haven't come forward or are too scared to come forward?"

The boy's parents reported the burning incidents to the Apache Junction
Police Department on March 5, who conducted an investigation and submitted the
case to the Pinal County Attorney's Office's juvenile division, Interim Police
Chief Thomas Kelly said. The attorney's office will determine whether to file
charges against the juveniles.

Another police report shows the boy was assaulted Monday at a bus stop by
another 13-year-old student, but investigators were unable to find a connection
to the previous incidents, Kelly said. The teen, who punched the boy in the
face, was arrested and the Police Department submitted an assault charge to the
county attorney's office.

The mother said bullying has "gotten out of
control," and all adults - whether parents, school officials, bus drivers,
neighbors or just passersby - need to stand up against bullying.

"No parent wants their child to be harmed and it's hard enough for us to try
and look out for them from the predators and other incidents that can happen on
the streets nowadays," she said. "Now we have to watch for other juveniles to
harm our children physically and emotionally? It just has to stop. The bullying
has to stop."

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In Brooklyn, a 13-year-old disabled girl was nearly killed after a bully pushed her off a moving school bus into oncoming traffic in Brownsville.

Amore-Virginia Peterson told her mom a boy attacked her, spat on her, and then pushed her out the back door.

Amore – who has Bipolar Disorder — says she hit the pavement and thought she  was going to die, according to the NY  Daily News.

Harriet McNeill says she’s afraid for her daughter’s life and hopes she can get Amore into another school.

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NEW YORK  — A disabled 13-year-old girl is recovering after being pushed from a moving school bus in New York City.

The incident happened Friday in Brooklyn.

The Daily News reports ( ) that a boy tossed the girl out the back door of the bus and into oncoming traffic. The News says she suffered a broken collarbone and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

The girl rides a city school bus to the Brooklyn Children's Center, a private school for disabled students.

The Department of Education says the boy who pushed her faces disciplinary action and will be switched to a different bus route.

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When a football player allegedly aimed a loaded .22 caliber revolver at another student on a Florida school bus, a 16-year-old student bravely wrestled it from him — then got suspended for his heroic action.  The incident occurred between Cypress Lake High students in Fort Myers, Florida on Tuesday afternoon. The student, who remains anonymous because he fears for his safety, said there was “no doubt” the gunman was aiming to kill.
“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the suspended student, not identified by WFTX because of safety concerns. “Not taking no pity.”

The student said the suspect, a football player, threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend.

Authorities confirmed to WFTX the weapon was indeed loaded, and the arrest report stated the suspect, identified by WVZN-TV as Quadryle Davis, was “pointing the gun directly” at the other student and “threatening to shoot him.”

That’s when, the teen told the station, he and two others tackled the suspect and wrestled the gun away. The next day, all three were suspended.

“How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?” he asked.

Lee County School District spokesman Alberto Rodriguez said the students involved in the rescue were given an “emergency suspension,” which is standard protocol:

“If there is a potentially dangerous situation, Florida law allows the principal to suspend a student immediately pending a hearing,” said Rodriguez.

Though the students involved are able to return to school on Monday, one mother says that’s not enough:

“All the kids that was involved in this they should have a pat on their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from burying their child.”

The suspended teen is allowed to go back to school Monday.

The student gunman has been charged with “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.” Authorities say that is based on the information regarding the incident at this time, but the investigation is ongoing.

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RICHMOND, VA—Richmond City school officials failed to provide assistance to a school bus driver who'd raised concerns surrounding students who misbehaved on his school bus, according to a civil complaint filed by the former bus
driver's attorney

Former Richmond City school bus driver Gregory Davis suffered scratches to his face during an alleged November attack on his school bus, an incident in which he says he was attacked by students after school officials repeatedly failed to provide adequate assistance, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, Davis was suspended without pay November 27, the day of the alleged attack, and was subsequently terminated.

The complaint alleges Davis repeatedly voiced concerns to his supervisor and school administrators regarding students who misbehaved on the bus, saying the students posed a safety risk to other students, passing vehicles and pedestrians.

On the morning of the alleged attack, Davis called his supervisor and requested assistance which the school failed to provide, the complaint says. According to the complaint, one student threatened to shoot Davis and later struck him in the face, as other students joined in on the attack.

Davis suffered scratches to his face, and six students were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and assault by mob. Both charges are felonies.

Additionally, the complaint claims Davis was wrongfully terminated and is entitled to lost wages until he is afforded a hearing with the school board.

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