Courtesy of:  Doug Evans, FOX 5 reporter

A Haralson County school bus driver said he was fired from his job because of an angry Facebook post about a hungry child.

Johnny Cook said the middle school student complained that because his lunch money account had run out and cafeteria staff workers at Haralson County Middle School turned him away.

Cook posted his phone number in the after school rant on Facebook and said call him next time, he'd pay to feed any hungry child with no money.

The post quickly spread on Facebook.

Cook says the school system  told him to take down the post and face suspension or he'd be fired. Cook kept the post up and is no longer a bus driver.

"I'm terminated.  But me being terminated doesn't feed the next  kid that walks up in line and doesn't have money," Cook said.

Haralson County Superintendent Brett Stanton  would not comment on the reason Johnny Cook was fired, but he said that the  district has a social media policy against posts that disrupt the system.

Aside from that, Stanton says the lunch  incident never happened. He said that cafeteria workers routinely chip in their  own money to feed hungry kids and that there are policies to make sure every kid  is fed.

"In talking with the middle school  principal and the cafeteria manager, that just did not happen," Stanton said. 

Stanton admitted that the boy's story  would have outraged him as well.

"Well I think from my standpoint -- you've got to have facts and...looking into the situation, the facts don't tell me the child was neglected and turned away," Stanton said.

Cook trains horses for a living and need the job for its insurance benefits.  He said that he believes  the child's story and is contemplating a run for school board.

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